Transparent Token
Reinventing the norm in Defi with complete transparency

Transparent Token is the best way to passively earn ETH by simply holding.

As the Transparent team we know what it takes to make a defi project run. We will be doing everything in our power to ensure the long-term success of this project. Part of that of course is the job of the community. Anyone that has been in a successful long-term project knows that with full community participation, there are no limits to how far this project can go. So grab your bag, watch your passive rewards climb, and join the Transparent movement!

Over 0 Ethereum generated for Transparent holders since launch.

Buy and hold Transparent to start earning rewards. All you need to do is hold 5000 tokens, connect your wallet and the dashboard will allow you to view your current Ethereum rewards and withdraw them whenever you decide.

Why Transparent?

Transparent Token aims to create a new norm in the Defi industry. The team is tired of all the projects launched with hidden taxes, unverified contracts, and dishonest shaky teams. The Transparent team offers all details up front, with nothing to hide. Any questions asked in chat or on social media will be answered concisely to allow all investors to be confident that it is Safu!

ETH Redistribution

The smart contract has a 10% tax on all buys. To avoid early dumping there will be an initial 20% tax on sells. The tax will go down to 15% on the second day, and 10% on the third day. It will remain at 10% from that point forward. 60% of the tax will be redistributed amongst holders as ETH dividends to be claimed at their convenience, the remaining part will be used for operations in order to keep the team motivated for the long term success of this project.

Liquidity Generation Event

There was a liquidity generation event (at 2x the launch price) filled by crypto influencers and designers that will help to make this project fly, for a total of 15 ETH! These influencers were selected with the project’s success in mind. They purchased their own presale allocation which motivates them to promote the token and help us all pump the bags! All of these wallets are also monitored by the team and anyone that dumps their bag won’t be allowed into any future projects. With a team like the one we have, that is something they don’t want to do.

Marketing Plans

The team will also have access to a marketing wallet of 5% of the total supply that will be used sparingly only when it is absolutely necessary. It will be used to provide the community with rewards and incentives for competitions and community involvement. This wallet address will be provided to the community so they can monitor any transactions. Any transaction made from this wallet, we are happy to explain directly what it was used for.


Total Supply
1 Billion
Initial Burn
Influencer Presale
15% at 2x initial price
Liquidity Pool
Marketing Wallet

The Transparent Roadmap

Stage One
Stage Two
Stage Three
The Future

Safe and transparent launch

Our initial goal will be to launch as safely and smoothly as possible. To ensure a safe launch we will be using several anti-bot measures. These include:

  • 0.5% max buy for the first 2 minutes
  • 25% tax on buys and sales for the first 2 minutes
  • All block 0 purchases will be blacklisted

After 2 minutes the max buy limits will be removed and tax will be lowered back to the day one tax numbers.

Marketing and growth

During this stage we will continue to market Transparent token ensuring new buyers and growth in the first few hours of going live.

  • Continue to have shillers post and promote our coin
  • Have community on telegram grow as well as getting community mods to help answer questions
  • Grow our twitter page and have giveaways to community
  • Get trending on dextools and moontools allowing for more volume which will create more eth redistribution to our holders

Consolidation and rewards

This is our maturity stage where we will get our coin gecko listing and CMC listing. This will allow for more trust from our community members and allow the coin to grow. These months will be crucial for a long lasting coin.

  • Coin Gecko Listing
  • CMC listing
  • Find other exchanges to be listed on reaching a wider audience
  • Get bigger crytpo influencers to post on youtube and twitter

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